What is certified organic?

Organic produce is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs with a focus on environmentally sustainable practices.

Organic systems are an innovative method of farming and production focused on soil and land health, and balanced eco-systems. Techniques used in organic agriculture deliver a diverse range of benefits and their potential is increasingly being recognised in the development of sustainable food and fibre technology for the future.

Organic food is not just chemical-free. Organic farmers take a holistic approach to food production and handling, and the whole system is linked – Soil. Plants. Animals. Food. People. Environment. Health.

WHAT IS BIODYNAMICS? A healthy, well-structured soil, rich in humus and high in biological activity is a prerequisite for any sustainable agricultural system.

Decades of experience with the Biodynamic method on Australian farms have shown that these soil qualities can be promoted and degradation reversed by the correct application of Biodynamic techniques.

Biodynamic practitioners seek to understand and work with the life processes as well as enhance their understanding of the mineral processes used in conventional agriculture. Healthy soil is a prime basis for healthy plants, animals and people.

Biodynamic farming practices are of an organic nature, not relying on bringing artificial fertilisers on to the farm, although some organic or natural mineral fertiliser may be necessary during the establishment phase.

On Biodynamic farms we seek to enhance the soils structure and nutrient cycles as well as plant growth and development with the use of specific Preparations which are made from farm-sourced materials.

These are the Biodynamic Preparations numbered 500 to 507 used in conjunction with established agricultural practices such as composting and manuring, crop and pasture rotations, tree planting, the integrated use of livestock, etc. As the name suggests, these Preparations are designed to work directly with the dynamic biological processes and cycles which are the basis of soil fertility.

Pest and disease control is generally managed by developing the farm as a total organism. However, Biodynamic practitioners may make use of specific products for weed and pest control, which they make from the weeds and pests themselves.

Weeds and pests are very useful indicators of imbalances in soil, plants and animals; and the aim in the Biodynamic method is to use such indicators in a positive way.

The Biodynamic Preparations were developed out of indications given by Dr Rudolf Steiner in 1924. They are not fertilisers themselves but greatly assist the fertilising process. As such they only need to be used in very small amounts.

Horn Manure Preparation (500) is used to enliven the soil, increasing the microflora and availability of nutrients and trace elements. Through it the root growth, in particular, is strengthened in a balanced way, especially the fine root hairs. Horn Manure 500 helps in developing humus formation, soil structure and water holding capacity.


The oldest certification organisation in Australia is the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) which administers the Demeter standard. This organisation only certifies Biodynamic produce.
Main Road
Powelltown VIC 3797
Ph: (03) 5966 7370
Fax: (03) 5966 7339

The next oldest organisation is the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Ltd (NASAA). NASAA certifies produce as organic or biodynamic

PO Box 768
Stirling SA 5152
Tel: 08 8370 8455
Fax: 08 8370 8381
Email: enquiries@nasaa.com.au

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) ACO certified organic and Biodynamic produce and is Australia’s largest certifier

National Australian Office
PO Box 530
Chermside 4032
Queensland, Australia
ACO Head Office: (07) 3350 5706
Fax: (07) 3350 5996
Email: info@australianorganic.com.au

Organic Growers of Australia (OGA) The Organic Growers of Australia (OGA) is the third largest organisation representing.

P.O. Box 6171
South Lismore NSW 2480
Tel: 02 6622 0100
Fax: 02 6622 0900
Email: oga@nrg.com.au

The Tasmanian Organic Producers (TOP) The Tasmanian Organic Producers (TOP) certify organic and biodynamic food grown or made in Tasmania.

PO Box 434
Mobray Heights TAS 7054
Tel: 03 6383 4039
Fax: 03 6383 4895
Email: gretschmann@bigpond.com

The Organic Food Chain (OFC) The Organic Food Chain (OFC) is a grower owned and operated company.

PO Box 2390
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Ph: (07) 4637 2600
Fax: (07) 4696 7689
Email: ofc@organicfoodchain.com.au

Safe Food Queensland (SFQ) Safe Food Queensland (SFQ) is the most recent certification organisation to begin operating in Australia. It is run by the Queensland Government.

PO Box 400
Spring Hill Qld 4004
Ph: 1800 300 815
Email: info@safefood.qld.gov.au

IFOAM International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM)is the major international organic Organisation