Alkafill Water


Creating Australia’s Finest Alkaline Drinking Water.

The Alkafill water filling station is designed to purify and alkalize virtually any water anywhere.

Water filling stations are open to the public, often 24 hours and located in various local areas for people to come in and fill their water bottles with pH 9–10 remineralised, alkalized and oxygenated water.

Filling your bottle is as simple as swiping an access card or key tag, pressing a button and 2 minutes later the bottle is full and you can be on your way again with fresh, remineralised and ionized alkaline water.

  • There are 5 filter stages to the Alkafill system which remove the dirt, chemicals, bacteria, dissolved solids, pesticides and the usual contaminants typically found in the water. The reverse-osmosis process removes up to 99.8% of fluoride, aluminum and heavy metals
  • The ultra-purified water is then channeled through a mineral chamber that enriches the water with, magnesium, calcium and
  • These minerals enable the water to be ionized, alkalized and micro-clustered
  • The water becomes electro-magnetized and energized with a pH of between 9.0-10.0
  • For the final filtration stage we use silver carbon and UV sterilization.

New Products

  • Rich in oxygen and alkaline minerals
  • Micro-clustered for maximum hydration
  • Certified and tested by local water authorities to Guarantee purity

There is no bottled water at any price that can match the purity and freshness of the Alkafill water station.

Plastic water bottles are also known to leach petro-chemicals back into the water itself – so avoid mass produced bottled water if
possible. Bottled water may have spent 12 months or more in storage. It’s dead water. Fill your own bottles fresh for just $0.65 per litre.
No plastic waste. No plastic pollution.

  "Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin" Dr William Kelly, College of Metabolic Medicine and author of "Cancer Cure"

High Colloidal Minerals: The ionization converts the minerals in the water into an ionic or colloidal form, considered the best bio-active form. Every OH- ion will be bonded with an ionic mineral like calcium. Each glass of alkaline water has many billions of these life enhancing molecules. Remember, just dissolving calcium in water and drinking does not mean that your body will assimilate the calcium – your body can only assimilate minerals that are in ionic form.

Low ORP – Micro-clusters: Abundance of electrons which make it a powerfully liquid Anti-Oxidant, more effective then vitamin C because of its smaller molecular size, and it doesn’t need any synergistic elements

High Bio-Energy: this is indicated by devices that measure the electric frequency of substances. Alkaline water is alive, charged, life-enhancing as opposed to tap water or stored bottled water, which is dead.

  "To maintain or restore your body’s natural pH balance for optimal health, drink restructured, ionized water which is rich in anti-oxidants and alkaline minerals. Ionized water helps reverse the effects of acid accumulation in the body, the root cause of degenerative diseases and aging." Dr Robert Young and Shelley Young

Water found in longevity villages

Researchers found that water consume by centenarians in these villages has a few qualities such as…

  • 1Absence of harmful contaminants
  • 2Rich in alkaline minerals
  • 3Rich in antioxidants with negative ORP
  • 4Small water cluster

15 Litre bottles available in store

The costs for the water are as follows

  • $30.00

    15ltr bottle with tap

  • $25.00

    15ltr bottle without tap

  • $5.00

    token to activate the machine

  • First refill is free
    $10.00 – 15ltrs